Kudu Hunting South Africa

One Of The Most Sought After Spiral Horn Trophies, Hunted In A Great Safari Location

Greater Kudus have a narrow body with long legs, and their coats can range from brown/bluish grey to reddish brown. They possess between 4 and 12 vertical white stripes along their torso.

The head of the greater kudu tends to be darker in colour than the rest of the body and exhibits in a small white chevron which runs between their eyes.

Greater kudu bulls tend to be much larger than the cows, and vocalize much more.  The greater kudu bulls also have beards running along their throats and large horns with two and a half twists, which were they to be straightened would reach an average length of 47 in with the record being 73.87 in.

The horns of the greater kudu do not begin to grow until the bull is between the ages of 6-12 months.  The kudu horns form the first spiral rotations at around 2 years of age and not reaching the full two and a half rotations until they are 6 year old; occasionally they may even have 3 full turns. 

The greater kudu are one of the largest species of antelope.  Greater kudu bulls weigh 420-600 lb with a maximum of 694 lb and stand up to 63 in tall at the shoulder.  The ears of the greater kudu are large and round.

The greater kudu female are hornless and without a beard or nose markings and weigh 260-460 lb and stand as little as 39 in tall at the shoulder.

The Greater Kudu

  • (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) is a woodland antelope found throughout eastern and Southern Africa.
  • Trag- (Greek) denotes a goat
  • Elaphos – (Greek) denotes a deer
  • Strepho means “twist”
  • Strephis is “twisting”
  • Keras/ceros refers to the horn of the animal

Kudu or koodoo, is the Khoikhoi name for this antelope. 

An abundance of greater kudu are found in private farms and conservancies in South Africa where they are popular amongst Kudu Trophy hunters.

Kudu Bull Hunting Package


  • Trophy fee for one Kudu Bull
  • Experienced licensed Professional Hunter
  • Services of experienced staff
  • First class Accommodation within hunting areas
  • Meals, beverages & local brands of beer and wine
  • Use of fully equipped 4×4 vehicle per PH
  • Daily cleaning and laundry service
  • Field preparation of Sable Bull (skinning & salting)
  • Drop-off of trophies (Kudu Bull) at local taxidermy
  • Airport transfer to and from Johannesburg Airport


  • Charter & other flights during the safari
  • Accommodation before & after safari
  • Trophy fees of animals bagged, wounded or lost
  • Extra vehicle hire if needed for larger groups
  • Adventure safaris
  • Professional Hunter & staff tips
  • All taxidermy work
  • 15% Government Tax only on daily rates and wounded game

Add observer for $150 per day (VAT included)
No substitutions or refunds for animals on packages
Additional animals can be added as per the Hunting pricelist


  • All prices are quoted in US Dollar
  • A deposit of $500 required to reserve dates
  • Deposits are non-refundable if cancelled 90 days prior to Kudu safari unless re-booked
  • Balance of Kudu package safari payable on completion
  • Wire transfers before the last day of safari or cash
  • Personal cheques by prior arrangement


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